Sabtu, 22 September 2018

Natural Remedies for Overcoming Skin Diseases

Hasil gambar untuk Obat Alami Penyakit Kulit

Various types of skin diseases such as phlegm, ringworm, and ringworm are something that is familiar to the people of Indonesia. In addition to medical methods, Indonesian people often rely on drugs for skin diseases from natural ingredients.

The following are natural skin diseases that can be used, including: 

1. Scabies and itching
This natural skin disease remedy is only for external treatment. How, take the leaves, skin, stems or roots of salam to taste. Wash thoroughly, then grind finely until it becomes a porridge-like mixture. Apply it to an itchy place, then wrap it with gauze.
Whereas if this skin disease is accompanied by a wound, the ingredients that must be mixed are biduri leaves and coconut oil to taste. Apply biduri leaves with coconut oil, then blend in the ignition.
Then the leaves are attached to the injured or itchy skin. Before being treated, the wounded skin is washed first with warm water or 70% alcohol. 

2. Ulcers, wounds, and warts
Rub with fruit juice of guava or cashew ( Anarcadium occidentale L ) for several days until the wound dries. As for the treatment of warts, pick 5 leaf gods, mash the leaves until smooth. Loosen the leaves that have been smooth in a warty place, make it until they are glue, leave it one day and release it the next day. 

3. Boils and eczema
The next natural skin remedy is to use a lotus crown that is anchored. The burning ash is believed to be effective for curing boils, eczema and other skin diseases. While lotus powder and stamens when mixed with honey and cheese will be a cure for hemorrhoids. 

4. Scabies in children
Children affected by scabies are advised to bathe with brotowali water. How to make the boiled water: take a brotowali stem about 1 m, then cut into small pieces, boil with 4 liters of water until boiling, add boiled water to a bucket and add cold water. Bathe the child while soaking his body. 

5. Eczema
Other natural remedies for skin diseases are using ginger. Grated ginger rhizome, then squeezed it. Then mix with grated radish. Apply the mixture to the affected part of the skin. 

6. Panu and scab
How to treat other natural skin diseases is using galangal. How to make it: finely mashed galangal rhizome with garlic (ratio 1: 4, 1 rhizome 4 garlic) until smooth. Then apply it in a sore place. For those of you who have chronic ringworm, add the mixture with vinegar. 

7. Ringworm
Garlic is a natural skin disease remedy that you can easily get. Garlic can even overcome skin problems around ringworm that is often affected by color changes. The first step that can be done is to peel garlic.
After that, rub it on the ringworm directly. Initially it will feel sore, but this effect need not worry. You can also place garlic slices on the ringworm for several hours.
Besides garlic, olive oil is also very good for treating ringworm. Olive oil contains ingredients that are very good for fighting infections and fungi that can grow. Even olive oil can also improve body health. 

8. Skin infections
Aloe Vera Gel is a medicine for natural skin diseases that is effective in fighting fungi and skin infections . In addition, aloe vera gel can also help cure ringworm and refine ringworm. This natural skin medicine is very good for curing ringworm in all parts. You can try to apply aloe vera gel directly without cotton.