Senin, 20 Agustus 2018

Tips for maintaining skin health for those of you who like to swim

 Hasil gambar untuk Tips Menjaga Kesehatan Kulit Buat Kamu yang Hobi Renang

Doing water sports like swimming is really fun. Besides being able to make your body healthy, you also won't feel tired quickly because being in the water keeps you fresh. Even so, it turns out swimming every day can also bring bad impacts for your health. This is due to the presence of chlorine gas which comes from chlorine in the pool water.

One part of the body that often experiences problems due to exposure to chlorine gas in the pool's water is the skin. Generally the skin will become drier if someone is too long in the pool water containing chlorine. Even for some people who have a fairly high level of sensitivity to strong chemicals, chlorine in swimming pool water can cause itching and also the skin becomes reddish.

Skin that is too often exposed to chlorine will lose its natural moisture. Well, to prevent the negative effects on the skin due to chlorine found in the pool water, here are some tips you can do:

1. Use a waterproof sunblock or moisturizer

Before you 'dive' freely into the pool, you should first coat your skin with a sunblock that is resistant to water. The goal, besides preventing chlorine from being absorbed directly by the skin, can also protect your skin from sun exposure if you swim in the outdoor pool area. Don't forget to choose a sunblock with a high SPF number if you really want to spend a long time in the pool.

2. Rinse the body before swimming

Maybe you often miss this one ritual because it's too excited to swim right away. Even though doing the habit of rinsing yourself before entering the pool can be very useful for your skin's health. Do this self-rinsing habit after you finish coating the body with sunblock. It's best to pause a few minutes before rinsing yourself from the moment after you coat the sunblock. This is so that the sunblock can be completely absorbed by the skin. While rinsing yourself aims so that your skin can adjust to the temperature and nature of the water before you actually enter the pool which already contains a number of chemicals.

3. Don't forget to keep drinking plenty of water

In addition to maintaining skin moisture from the outside by using sunblock, you can also prevent skin from being dry by drinking plenty of water. Do not forget to keep drinking plenty of water before and after swimming.

4. Try to take a shower immediately after swimming

If you are satisfied enough to play around in the pool, try to shower immediately and cleanse your body completely. Don't wait too long until your body is dry by itself. Also try to bathe using warm water because it can further speed up the process of releasing chemicals that attach to the body. In addition to avoiding irritation, you can dry your body by gently tapping on a soft towel and not rubbing it on the skin.

5. Use moisturizer after bathing

After your body has returned clean after taking a bath and it's also dry, don't forget to apply moisturizing lotions to the skin. Choose lotions with high moisturizing content to apply. Also pay attention to changes in the skin. If you find any skin irritation such as redness and itchiness, you should not scratch the part. Scratching it will only irritate your skin more severely. Simply just apply moisturizing lotion or olive oil to the part that is irritating and let stand for a while.

Those are some tips that you can do to keep your skin moist despite having a swimming sport. Do not let because of your worries about the possible adverse effects, your intention to swim is also falling. It's not funny if you don't swim, just for fear that your skin will dry out