Minggu, 19 Agustus 2018

Reading while lying down can damage the eyes?

Hasil gambar untuk Membaca Sambil Tiduran Bisa Merusak Mata?

The topic of eye health that we often hear is reading while lying down. Rumors say, reading while lying down can damage the eyes. Is it true? According to research, reading while lying down may cause some eye problems. But if there is a statement to cause permanent damage to the eye, this is not true or even a myth. 

However you are not recommended to read while lying down, dictionary! Because, this will make your eyes more tired. Sleep posture will cause a lot of tension in the eye. The distance between the book and the eye when reading is recommended around 30 cm with the ideal reading angle is 60°. If you wear glasses, the sight line may be even lower. When you read in a lying position, the eyes will focus upwards and the reading angle is not optimal. This is what causes severe eye fatigue. Especially if you keep this habit. 

Tension and eye fatigue do not occur in your eyeball, but the muscles around the eyes. Extraocular muscles help rotate the eyeball and direct the eye to the object being seen. Eye fatigue is the same as muscle fatigue throughout the body.
One of the symptoms of your eye muscles is that you are a little longer to be able to read sentences. Other clearer reactions such as the eyes feel hot, redness, irritation, dryness, blurred vision, and headaches. Although it does not cause permanent eye damage, the habit of reading while lying down should not be continued.

Sitting is the recommended reading position

Instead, it is launched from bookriot.com , the recommended reading position is to sit down. Sitting is the most common reading position. Maybe it's not the most comfortable position, but this position is in the top list of book lovers. 

There are many variations in sitting position when reading. For example, the other hand is placed on the back of the chair, and the other hand holds the book. You can also sit crossing your legs and put a book in your lap. 

If you sit in a very comfortable chair like a sofa or beanbag, you can sit while leaning back. Reading outdoors can also be leaning against a tree or someone else. Make sure that the person's back is strong enough to support your weight for the next few hours.

Tips for reading in an ergonomic position

In general, reading must also consider an ergonomic position. Reporting from membacacepat.com , the word ergonomics comes from the Greek language, which is ergon which means 'work', and nomoi which means law natural law So, ergonomics is simply a science that discusses how our body works naturally. 

Reading also requires an ergonomic environment. Not only requires a seat that is properly designed, but also requires a good body position. Errors in body position in reading allow a person to become easily tired, lack of concentration, even aches or pains in certain parts.
Here are some ergonomic body position tips: 

1. Sit relaxed and comfortable. Make sure your back is straight and your neck is upright. Do not bend your neck, because it will make the neck quickly tired and tense. As a result, reading activity is no longer comfortable. 

2. Make sure the distance between the eyes and writing is about 30 cm. This is the ideal distance, so you can see the writing well without making the eyes work hard. The eyes will work naturally, so your eye lens doesn't need to contract too much. The reading distance that is too far or too close will make the eyes get tired quickly. 

3. Try the book supported on a table or other base. If you come to the library, you will see many tables to read. The goal is to make it easier for you to flip through pages, including holding the weight of a book. So, it doesn't burden your hand. 

4. Avoid unnecessary movements when reading. Sometimes someone has the habit of reading while tapping his feet on the floor or shaking his feet. This will only consume energy, so you get tired quickly and have a harder time concentrating. 

5. Get enough lighting when reading. This is important, dictionary! Make sure the light beam points to the reading material, so that all words and letters will be clearly visible. You can also read easily and the eyes don't get tired quickly. 

So for those of you who like to read, from now on pay attention to the comfort and correct position when reading, yes! Don't let your positive hobbies end up experiencing an eye disorder.