Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2018

Drugs, Can Make Addiction to Damage the Brain!

 Hasil gambar untuk Narkoba, Dapat Membuat Sakau Hingga Merusak Otak

Are you healthy to know, drug addicts will experience harm if you don't use drugs or are in the stage of stopping taking drugs? Yes, someone will experience drug addiction because they feel happiness to the point of being drained, due to soaring dopamine and serotonin released by the brain. 

As a result, drugs will automatically give addictive effects, which makes users have to consume them repeatedly to satisfy and get happiness. Prolonged drug abuse will cause dependence. 

Addiction is the body's response to the sudden stop of drug use, or a drastic decrease in the dose of drugs consumed. Usually, addiction people will experience emotional symptoms, such as anxiety, irritability and anger, insomnia, headaches, difficulty concentrating, depression, and isolation from those around them. 

Signs of someone experiencing addiction in the form of physical symptoms such as easy sweating, (link) heart (link) pounding hard, muscles begin to tighten, tightness in the chest until breathing is difficult, tremors, and diarrhea. 

The severity of addiction will be different for each drug user. This depends on how the interaction between the brain and body functions, because drugs that are absorbed by the body can be active at different times. 

Other factors that affect the severity and duration of the disease include the length of time for drug use, the type of drug used, how to use drugs, how long and the amount of drugs absorbed by the body, the dose of drugs consumed, family history, and factors of medical health and the soul of the user. 

The way to detox from drug dependence is to do outpatient care or hospitalization at a drug rehabilitation center. Detox starts before the drug comes out completely from the body, and will run for 5-7 days. Whereas for chronic drug users, detox will run for up to 10 days. For blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, and body temperature will continue to be monitored, so that the patient is in a safe condition throughout the detoxification process. 

Even though rehabilitation will reduce or even cure patients from drug use, unfortunately before that drugs have had an adverse effect on the brain, which functions as a body control center. Here are the effects of drugs to watch out for!

1. Manipulate mood, feelings, and behavior.

Drugs can change the feelings, ways of thinking, and behavior of someone who uses them. That is why narcotics is referred to as a psychoactive substance, which is because it provides several effects on the brain, such as inhibiting the work of the brain and reducing awareness, for example in opioids, sedatives, and alcohol. 

2. Brain work will be excessive.

Drugs will spur the work of the brain, so there will be a sense of freshness and enthusiasm, confidence, and relationships with other people are getting closer. But behind it all there are adverse effects, which makes the wearer difficult to sleep, restless, heart palpitations and increase (link) blood pressure. (link)

3. Hallucinations appear.

Drugs will cause imagination to become high, or called hallucinogens. Marijuana is classified as hallucinogenic, because it will have an effect on changes in perception of time and space. For all psychoactive substances (narcotics, psychotropic substances, and other addictive substances), can change behavior, feelings, and thoughts.

4. Influence on the nervous system.

Drug abuse can also affect the workings of the nervous system, such as:
  • Sensory nerves : This disorder causes numbness, blurred vision, and blindness.
  • Autonomic nerves : This disorder causes unwanted movements. In a drunken state, drug users can do anything beyond their control.
  • Motor nerve : This disorder occurs in the motor system and is experienced without coordination. So if a drug user is in a state of 'high' or unconscious, chances are he will do things without realizing it, such as shaking his head until the influence of the drug consumed disappears.
  • Vegetative nerves : This disorder is related to the language spoken by drug users. This can also cause fear and lack of confidence if you don't use drugs.
The brain and nerves are important organs in humans, which function to regulate the body's system. Long-term use of drugs will slowly damage the nervous system until it is permanent. So, SAY NO TO DRUGS! Remember, your body and future can be destroyed just by trial and error.