Jumat, 24 Agustus 2018

Caring for Colored Hair to Stay Healthy

Hair that has been colored requires special care so that it will not be easily damaged or broken and can grow healthy. Some of you Healthy may think that colored hair should always go to the salon to get proper care.

You just have to go to the salon for hair care once in six months. The goal is to retouch. This is done so that the hair stays healthy, the color stays consistent or lasts a long time, while treating the hair to keep it naturally shiny.

Furthermore, quoted from Live Strong, you can take care of your own painted hair so that it stays long, healthy, and shiny in the following ways!

Use Special Shampoo
Not only choose shampoo that suits the needs or problems on the scalp, but also choose shampoo that is intentionally made for colored hair. In addition, if you want to wash your hair every day, choose a shampoo that can soften your hair.

Don't Forget to Use Conditioner
Colored hair tends to be drier than natural hair. Therefore, make sure you use a range of care products that are suitable for the type of hair at least once a week. Apply conditioner to the hair that has been moistened with warm water, then wrap with a towel for about 30 minutes so that the conditioner is more absorbed. Next, rinse the hair. That way, the hair will look more radiant.

Rinse Hair To Clean
One way to care for colored hair is to avoid salt and chlorine which is usually found in swimming pools. Both contents make hair dry and damaged. Therefore, after swimming or shampooing every time, make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly.

Don't Make Hair Too Often
Beautiful looking hair often makes us tempted to arrange it. However, styling your hair in various styles too often can damage your hair, you know. Besides being able to make hair dirty because of the touch of our fingers and damage to the cuticles or even injure the scalp, accessories when styling hair can damage hair smoothness.

Do not use the hair dryer too often
After washing your hair, make it a habit to dry your hair naturally. If you use the hairdryer or too often, it can make your hair color more easily and can not last long.

Use Hair Moisturizing Products
Besides being treated from the inside, of course the hair needs to be treated from the outside as well. One way is to apply a hair moisturizer product. The use of this hair moisturizing product can evenly color the newly painted hair from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Don't Change Hair Color Often
Every time you change hair color, more and more chemicals enter the hair. This certainly can make the hair health condition become increasingly unhealthy due to continuous exposure to chemicals. Therefore, try not to change hair color too often, you.

Use Heat Protection
It's not just skin that needs to be protected from the sun, hair also needs to be protected. If you want long-lasting hair color and keep it shining, protect it with a special protective hair cream, such as a heat protection hair lotion. For colored hair, choose water-based heat protection rather than oil-containing products.

To keep your hair shiny and healthy, don't forget to do the above methods!