Kamis, 16 Agustus 2018

Benefits of Kampung Chicken Eggs for Pregnant Women

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Eggs are good and practical food to eat. Only fried is delicious. Suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, side dishes, and any food supplement. Good kids until parents like it. It's not wrong if a woman who is pregnant also likes it. It is rare for pregnant women to crave eggs, because this one is easy to reach and not too burdensome for a husband to look for.
There are also many nutrients in eggs. Also equipped with prices that are easy to reach. So it is not wrong if many experts recommend eggs to be the right food for pregnant women. The benefits are not only for pregnant women, but also for children in the womb!
Eggs are foods that are rich in protein. In fact, it is said to be a high-protein food. In addition, eggs also contain lots of fat, minerals, and choline which are very good for pregnant women.
1. Helps nerve development of the brain and fetus
Who would have thought if eggs were a good food to maintain and care for baby's development? Eggs have a myriad of benefits and ingredients that are suitable for consumption for pregnant women, one of which is choline. This content turns out to be able to maintain and maintain neural development of the fetal brain.

2. Repairing damaged body cells
Health conditions of pregnant women are susceptible to interference. The heavy burden borne in the stomach can trigger pregnancy disorders, due to cell damage in the body. Therefore, doctors are advised to eat eggs. The efficacy of eggs is able to repair damaged cells. Not only that, eggs are also useful for caring for cells, repairing, and maintaining the quality of cells to stay good.
3. Reducing the risk of neural tube defects for babies
According to studies that have been done a lot, around 72 percent of babies have a risk of birth defects. This is because pregnant women often experience a lack of choline. This condition will affect physiological structures, such as neurological defects, spinal spinal deformities, and anencephaly. Of course, as a prospective mother, Mums can't stay silent seeing her beloved child like that, right?
4. Potentially intelligent children
Who doesn't want to give birth to an intelligent child? All parents definitely want that! Smart children are hopes and desires for all parents. Then how? According to research that has been tested in the laboratory, mothers need to add foods that contain choline.
Pregnant women who have enough choline will tend to give birth to children who have higher cognitive abilities. Similar tests were also proven in mice and some other animals, which showed positive results.

5. Overcoming anxiety and depression
Women who are in pregnancy will have high levels of anxiety and depression. Choline content in the body of pregnant women will affect DNA and hormonal activity. According to Prof. Eva Pressman, the gene that regulates cortisol or hormones that cause stress, depression, and anxiety can be countered with choline.
In fact, he added, with the addition of a lot of choline intake in pregnant women, it can affect the expression of fetal development until he is an adult. When asked about the side effects of choline, Prof. Eva mentioned that eggs have no side effects.
6. Prevent cancer
Mothers who are in normal conditions, especially for those who have given birth or have children, tend to have a higher risk of breast cancer and liver cancer. This is influenced by the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body. One that can be done to avoid it, eat eggs. Choline content is useful as a shield to avoid breast cancer and liver cancer.
7. Useful for smoothing ASI
According to data written on the USDA, women who are pregnant need a minimum of choline content of 450 mg. While women who are breastfeeding require choline levels of 550 mg. Choline turns out to be useful for multiplying breast milk or making breast milk smooth out.
8. Reducing the risk of babies born with disease
Newborns will be very susceptible to disease. The world outside the womb is not the ordinary world. So the baby must adapt again, to adjust to the environment. Babies who have fulfilled choline intake through their mothers, are less affected by the disorder or disease after birth.
9. Prevents inflammation
Babies and their mothers will be very likely to be exposed to several health problems. One of them has inflammation. For this reason, eggs can help prevent inflammation in the body of a woman and a newborn baby.
10. Caring for the heart

The heart is the most absolute part and must be maintained. The reason is, we will use the heart until later, until the heart cannot work. For this reason you must take care and maintain heart health. According to related research and research, women and children who are accustomed to eating eggs every day have a lower risk of heart disease.

11. Enough energy

Eggs contain benefits and sufficient energy intake for yourself, such as vitamins, minerals, fat, and some other additional intake. This has become a plus for eggs. Calories that are enough also make a person not eat too much heavy food.

Eggs are healthy food for pregnant women recommended by doctors. Also good for children, because it increases memory skills and reduces the risk of birth defects. For men, eating eggs can help get a sixpack and various other reasons.