Senin, 20 Agustus 2018

Avoid This After Drinking Alcohol

Hasil gambar untuk Hindari Hal Ini Setelah Minum Alkohol

For those of you who like to consume alcohol, you should not overdo it, Ladies! Besides limiting the amount, some of the activities below are better not to be done when or after you drink alcohol. In addition to endangering safety because you are in an unfocused state, these activities also have an adverse effect on the health of organs. Check this out!

1. Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks

Never mix alcohol with energy-boosting drinks, huh! The energy drink link that can make you aware of the link if you drink it with alcohol is not right. You seem to feel normal or calm, even though you are also drunk. The habit of mixing these two types of drinks will lead to excessive pleasure that can endanger your safety when driving in a car or attending a drinking party.

2. Mengonsumsi Opiate Painkillers

Pain relievers or painkillers that are mixed with alcohol can be toxic to the body. The combination of both can increase the risk of developing respiratory depression, where you will have difficulty breathing. In addition, the potential for overdose also increases and affects your memory and mind. Fear and confusion can haunt you for a long time. Instead of wanting to treat the pain experienced, a mixture of both can accumulate other diseases in your body!

3. Take a Sleeping Pill

One more thing you must remember! Yes, don't let you take a sleeping pill with alcohol. The calming effect given will be very strong. The adverse effects of drinking alcohol after taking a sleeping pill can be deadly because it can increase the risk of disturbance during sleep to cause hallucinations, sleepwalking, falls and accidents when you neglect. So it's better not to drink alcohol before or when taking sleeping pills, huh!

4. Sunbathing

You may feel confused about the relationship between consuming alcohol and sunbathing on the beach. Yes, at first glance there is no connection at all. Even for most people, alcohol becomes a favorite favorite drink to serve when you lie in the sun. But it turns out, the body that is exposed to sunlight and sweating after drinking alcohol can contribute to increasing the risk of dehydration and heat stroke. When the body temperature exceeds normal conditions, the likelihood of other illnesses is even greater.

5. Sports

Ladies, exercising after consuming a glass of alcohol is unfortunately not the right choice to do. Alcohol that is gulped will first have a negative impact on body and muscle coordination. If you continue to force yourself to exercise, the possibility of suffering an accident or injury is also high. Activities such as running or lifting heavy loads after eating alcoholic foods also trigger dehydration and diuretic disorders in urine production and excretion.

6. Swim

About 70 percent of deaths while exercising or activities in the water are associated with alcohol use. The data is not just nonsense, because it is proven that alcohol can cause imbalances and lack of body and muscle coordination. So you tend to sink more easily or experience bone cramps while swimming after drinking alcohol. So, try to think again before you decide to to swim after spending one glass of alcohol!

7. Don't Eat

Maybe many of you deliberately empty your stomach before ordering a glass of alcohol. The hope is that you can reduce calories that are likely to increase and also increase body weight. However, don't repeat this habit anymore! Not consuming anything before drinking alcohol can actually reduce the absorption of essential nutrients for the body. Because if the body is not filled with enough energy and nutrition, it could be that you will feel tired even experience separation after drinking alcohol.

8. Warm Water Bath

Finally, avoid soaking warm water just after you consume alcohol. Not only that, you also should not enter a room that has a high temperature, such as a sauna, steam room, or a warm bathtub. These activities can strengthen the negative effects of post-alcohol drinking, such as excessive fatigue, dizziness, low blood pressure and arrhythmia, or a heart rate disorder. Don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues!