Kamis, 16 Agustus 2018

7 Myths and Facts About Food Allergies

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Allergy is actually a reaction from the immune system to certain foods. Certain foods such as eggs, nuts, milk, fish, soybeans, or wheat are often thought to make us allergic. In fact, everyone has allergies in different foods, you know. In addition to the wrong assumption, there are other myths about food allergies. So you know more about food allergies, from Boldsky, here are 7 myths and facts about food allergies that you need to know.

Myth 1: Food allergies are not a serious problem

Fact: Food allergies can be a serious problem that makes you vomit, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, and even itching that doesn't stop. If the reaction from allergies is felt to get worse, it can be life threatening.

So, if suddenly your body causes a strange reaction while consuming something, you must be vigilant and not ignore the reaction. If you can stop eating or drinking which causes an unnatural reaction, and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Myth 2: Eating food that can make allergies will not make you sick

Fact: People who have food allergies should avoid and not eat foods that can cause allergies. Even if you only eat a little food that makes you allergic, still your body will release a reaction from food allergies. So, you have to avoid foods that can cause you to become allergic, huh!

Myth 3: Only food can make allergies

Fact: Although certain types of food are usually considered to cause allergies such as nuts, soybeans, shellfish, fish and eggs, but chemicals used in drugs can also cause allergies, you know. So, it's not just food that can cause you to be allergic.

Myth 4: Food allergies in children can be overcome

Fact: Many food allergies in children may be overcome if children avoid certain foods for almost 2 to 3 years. This method can even be done when allergic children consume certain milk. However, this method cannot be done to treat allergies to nuts or other foods.

Myth 5: Every allergic reaction will get worse

Fact: Reactions to foods that cause allergies are unpredictable. You cannot predict which foods will make you allergic because this depends on how your body reacts with allergens (foreign substances that cause certain disorders or reactions in humans).

Myth 6: Whatever reaction you feel after eating is allergic
Fact: Many people are allergic to food and those people rarely get a bad reaction to the food they consume. Not all reactions that you feel after eating are allergic, you know. There could be other health problems that are not allergies. Therefore, you need to check your condition to the doctor if you feel there is something strange that you feel on your body after eating.
Myth 7: Food allergies always develop in children
Fact: Some of us might think that food allergies initially developed when we were children. In fact, allergies can develop at any age and you can even be allergic to foods that you didn't expect before.
For those of you who are allergic to certain foods and have consulted with a doctor usually given a drug to treat your allergies. Therefore, you must always carry the allergy medication. That way, at any time new allergies to other foods arise, you can immediately deal with the allergy