Senin, 20 Agustus 2018

5 Ways to Recover Your Body After Staying Up late

Hasil gambar untuk 5 Cara Memulihkan Tubuh Setelah Begadang

Endless assignments, exams, papers and presentations seem to have become part of the lives of students and office workers. Maybe we often read information that staying up late threatens health conditions. Staying up all night can increase the risk of chronic diseases such as stroke and diabetes, as well as aches and loss of concentration. However, when values and achievements are a greater priority for staying up until dawn, or maybe not sleeping at all, this is unavoidable. Therefore, let's discuss five ways to recover the body after staying up all night to study or prepare assignments.

Adequate and nutritious breakfast

After staying up all night, don't forget to eat nutritious food in the morning afterwards. It's easy to skip breakfast after staying up late because we want to take a nap before getting ready to go to college and office. However 30 minutes of sleep cannot help to recover tired from working all night. Therefore, how to restore the body after staying up late is one of them by using the time left to eat the nutritious food needed to carry out the activities on that day. Eating foods with high vitamins can help restore concentration.

Replace Coffee with a Healthier Alternative

It is very tempting to consume 2 cups of coffee to make sure your eyes are literate and keep your body energized. But besides coffee, there are still some healthier and more effective alternatives as a way to restore the body after staying up late. Apples contain vitamins and also natural sugars that can help fight fatigue. Besides apples, green tea can also be an option. Like coffee, green tea contains caffein which can help you to stay awake, but green tea contains antioxidants that can maintain heart health and also reduce cholesterol.

Consumption of Stamina Enhancing Vitamin Supplements

By staying up all night, our body uses more vitamin B. Therefore it is very important to restore lost vitamins by consuming protein such as meat and eggs. More than that, how to restore the body after staying up late with the consumption of vitamin B12 supplements can also restore concentration and balance to undergo activities.

Drinking enough mineral water

During staying up, make sure the body is still getting the fluids needed. As usual, don't forget to drink 2 glasses of water in the morning. Sleep deprivation can reduce concentration to undergo activities, therefore bring a drinking bottle to meet water needs throughout the day to restore concentration and avoid dehydration.

Sleep Early on the Next Night

If you don't have to do the morning afterwards, use that time to replace sleep. But if the next morning you have to attend college or go to the office, go to bed early. If you are accustomed to sleeping around 11 or 12 nights, after staying up the night before, sleep at 7 pm to replace the lost rest time.

Hopefully the five ways to recover the body after staying up late is useful to recover yourself after staying up all night. The combination of eating nutritious food, taking supplements and B vitamins, and drinking enough water will certainly restore your body! But remember, try to reduce the frequency of staying up. Not sleeping all night can increase stress, risk of stroke and diabetes. Set the time so that tasks can be completed in stages, and you also avoid the urge to stay up late. By maintaining health, we can live activities more effectively.