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14 Tips for Anticipating Brotherhood Competition

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If you plan to have more children, then preparing your child to be an older sibling who can accept his sister's presence with pleasure, is a challenge to think about. When discussing discourses about younger siblings, the most important thing to prepare is how to anticipate Little's jealousy as an older brother. This jealousy, must be communicated from the beginning. The benefit is that your child and his parents are not "shocked" by the adaptation that must occur after the birth of a sister.

Jealousy towards sister cannot be avoided. Look, the following tips to get around the competition brother who is useful until they grow up.

How to respond to Siblings Rivalry

Introducing Your Child with a new sister since he was in the womb.
Introduce Your Child with prospective siblings since Mums is known to be pregnant again. The method is, let him pat Mums stomach and feel the presence of his new sister. When the pregnancy gets bigger, he will be happy to feel the fetal kick and take part in talking to the younger brother. Don't forget to play back the memories of his childhood before he played the role of brother. In this way, your little one will be ready to repeat the childhood routine for the baby sister.

Make your child feel like an important brother.
Involve Your Child in the activity of taking care of a new sister. Make your child as an assistant Mums. For example, in simple commands such as taking diapers. With this new bustle, your little one must feel proud. His role as an older brother will be considered the greatest work in the world.

Avoid the concept of "sharing" with younger siblings.
Mums must understand that the concept of sharing is still very foreign to toddlers and children. Never promise that Mums will share the same time with her sister. Just say that Mums will try to meet the needs of brothers and sisters, and there is no less love for both.

Don't stop the expression dear MumsThe closer to the birth of a sister, the more often Mums expresses Mums's affection for her brother. This seems trivial, but can be a strong foundation of love between Mums and Little One. Say that the presence of a sister will not be able to reduce or even change Mums's feelings towards him.
Create special moments with your family for your child.If conditions are possible, work together with Dads and family members to invite your child to take a walk together all day. Mums and sister can participate too. But upon arrival at a tourist destination, try to pull aside for a moment with your newborn sister. Let your little one settle for fun with a big family. This will make your child feel that he must give in to the younger sibling who is in need of Mums' attention.
Teach the principles of harmonious relationship between brother and sisterThe first lesson for older siblings is to live in harmony with siblings. Mums and Dads must be compact to teach harmony between brothers by giving a direct example. The task of Mums and Dads is to create conditions that encourage the establishment of a harmonious brother and sister relationship between them.
Grow a sense of belonging between the twoNo need to use Mums' grandiose theories, just teach them to be responsible, where brothers and sisters must be entertainers of each other. Embed in them that older siblings should be good examples of younger siblings and can be a compact friend.
Embed empathy between brother and sister.Empathy must be taught tirelessly Mums. Teach children how to treat others with a high sense of empathy. Reporting from askdrsears.com, a lack of empathy among siblings can trigger a child to grow into a sociopathic person. Emphasize that all good and bad deeds will affect the lives of others.
Instill a sense of sensitivity between brothers and sisters.If a new sister is of a different sex with her brother, then Mums and Dads must begin to introduce that men and women are physically different. But both girls and boys must be treated equally.

Don't let a sharp fightThe brother and sister fight is natural. However, when quarrels have led to acts of violence, Mums and Dads must interfere. Children need parental guidance and protection. However, parents must be able to distinguish when the time needs to be a referee and when it's time to be a spectator until the end of the fight. Sometimes, letting a child make it through the moment of having a fight with a sister or brother while giving them a warning is the solution they need.
Never compare children.This is also the main cause of the emergence of feelings of inferiority in the child, thus encouraging unwanted behavior between brother and sister. Never compare it with his new sister Mums. Every child wants to feel himself looking special in their parents' eyes. Remember Mums, throughout his life, there will always be a phase of life that puts children in situations that make them feel compared. Then Mums and Dads must always remember this, for life.
Be fairGenerally, parents take the initiative to buy children the same needs to prevent a fight. In fact, the need between brother and sister is not the same. Especially if you remember the age range of those who are far enough. Fair does not mean buying the same item. Give what each child really needs and give an explanation.
Show that they will always be the favorite Mums and Dads every day.It might seem naive if parents claim they don't have a favorite child. Children are indeed created by God in the same way, but with different perfection and personality. If a brother or sister ever asks who the Mums and Dads prefer from them, then make it a habit to answer, "Mums and Dads both love you in a special way."
That was the tips that Mums could apply when the child was ready to welcome a new sister. Easy as long as the Mums and Dads consistently run it.