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Human services Workers and Tuberculosis

As an aspect of their responsibilities, human services specialists are presented to numerous illnesses. Tuberculosis, otherwise called TB, is one of these. It's imperative to know which patients have or may have TB. You likewise need to know how to avoid, perceive, and treat the condition. 

Way to security 

At the point when contaminated individuals hack, they discharge microscopic organisms as beads into the air. You can get tuberculosis by breathing it in. On the off chance that you work around tainted patients, wear a defensive cover. Patients additionally should wear veils to ensure others. In an office setting, expel contaminated patients from the holding up room. In the doctor's facility, place them in detachment. 

Indications of TB include: 

incessant hack that endures 3 weeks or more 

hack that raises mucous or blood 

chest torment 



chills and night sweats 

loss of craving and weight reduction. 

You likewise can lessen your danger of TB by keeping your insusceptible framework solid. Make certain to eat healthy, get rest, and exercise routinely. 

Social insurance laborers ought to have a tuberculin skin test (TST) more than once per year. This test appears on the off chance that you convey the microscopic organisms that reason TB. Laborers in specific zones may require TSTs all the more regularly. Converse with your specialist about any pharmaceuticals you take or conditions you have. 

A negative response to the test typically implies you don't have the microscopic organisms. On the off chance that you test positive, you have gotten tuberculosis. Notwithstanding, the contamination can be dormant or dynamic. Inert TB implies that microscopic organisms are available in your body however are torpid. Your body's invulnerable framework can stifle TB for quite a long time. You are not infectious except if you have dynamic TB that hasn't been dealt with. 

Shockingly, TB can end up dynamic whenever. To keep a functioning disease, you require treatment. To begin with, your specialist will arrange a chest X-beam. This verifies whether the contamination is dynamic yet. In the event that the X-beam is negative, the specialist may recommend an antituberculosis pharmaceutical for 6 to 9 months. This pharmaceutical keeps the disease from initiating later on. 

On the off chance that the X-beam is sure, the specialist will treat you for dynamic TB. They may give you 3 or 4 meds to take for 9 to a year. Now, you are infectious. You'll have to play it safe to abstain from spreading the contamination. The specialist will keep you out of work until the point that the anti-infection agents kick in. This can take half a month, contingent upon your general wellbeing. It is imperative to complete the majority of the pharmaceutical your specialist recommends for you. Not following the whole treatment plan can mean the contamination does not get completely treated. This can prompt a type of medication safe TB, which implies that numerous meds will never again work to treat it. 

Once you've had a positive TST, you don't should be retested. You can depend on side effects to choose in the event that you have dynamic tuberculosis. In the event that you have an enduring hack or different indications, contact your specialist. They will arrange a chest X-beam to analyze dynamic TB. 

Interesting points 

There are a few strains of tuberculosis. In case you're contaminated, despite everything you have to play it safe around patients with TB. Along these lines, you don't get an alternate strain. 

On the off chance that you've had the Bacille Calmette-GuĂ©rin (BCG) immunization, you can get TB. In this way, despite everything you ought to get skin tests. This antibody isn't for the most part prescribed for medicinal services laborers. It can make a mellow positive response the skin test. For the most part, the response turns out to be less serious after some time. On the off chance that your outcome exacerbates, you may have TB and will require treatment. 

Things to ask your specialist 

Notwithstanding defensive rigging and testing, is there something else I ought to do in case I'm thinking about somebody who has TB? 

In case I'm tainted with TB, will I generally have it? 

What are the symptoms of solutions used to treat TB?

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Applied Kinesiology

What is applied kinesiology?
Kinesiology, also known as biomechanics, is the study of body movement. Applied kinesiology (AK) which is also know as muscle strength testing, is a method of diagnosis and treatment based on the belief that various muscles are linked to particular organs and glands, and that specific muscle weakness can signal distant internal problems such as nerve damage, reduced blood supply, chemical imbalances or other organ or gland problems. Practitioners contend that by correcting this muscle weakness, you can help heal a problem in the associated internal organ.

What is applied kinesiology used for?
Practitioners claim that applied kinesiology can be used to diagnose and treat nervous system problems, nutritional deficiencies or excesses, imbalances in the body’s “energy pathways” (known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as meridians), and many other health concerns.

The theory of AK was developed by George Goodheart, Jr., a Michigan chiropractor who began to write and lecture about his ideas in 1964. Applied kinesiology practitioners are often chiropractors, but may also be osteopathic physicians, dentists, or even conventional physicians. According to the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK), practitioners must first be trained in their respective fields before they can study applied kinesiology in a postgraduate setting.

While suggested uses of AK range from abdominal pain to cancer, diabetes, headache, learning disabilities, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, vertigo and many other health problems, scientific evidence demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of AK for these conditions is limited, at best.

What should one expect on a visit to a practitioner of applied kinesiology?
A visit begins with a detailed medical history. Next, testing begins with procedures that usually include determining changes in blood pressure from lying to sitting to standing which, according to ICAK, can indicate imbalances in the body. Specific examinations follow, such as tests of skin sensitivity, reflexes and balance.

Practitioners may also observe a patient’s posture, gait and range of motion. After these tests are completed, muscle strength is tested against pressure exerted by the practitioner. If the muscle stands up to pressure, it’s deemed “strong” or “locked”; those that give way to pressure are considered “weak” or “unlocked,” and are deemed indicative of a problem. ICAK considers the use of the muscle strength testing alone an abuse of AK, typically by practitioners who have not been properly trained and certified. The organization holds that muscle testing should be done only as part of a complete diagnostic examination. In addition to muscle testing, AK practitioners may also press on “trigger points” to see if they lead to muscle weakness.

When AK is used to determine whether a particular food or other substance weakens (or strengthens) a patient, the food may placed under the tongue or held in the hand as a muscle is tested.  Some practitioners may also assess emotional well-being by testing muscle strength while the patient imagines being in a troubling or tense situation or with a problematic person.

AK-associated treatments range from deep massage, joint manipulation and realignment, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture to nutritional therapies and dietary manipulation.

Are there any side effects or conditions where applied kinesiology should be avoided?
While generally regarded as harmless for most people, when used alone for someone who is seriously ill, AK could cause a delay in getting proper medical treatment. According to the American Cancer Society, applied kinesiology has occasionally resulted in harm, including one death due to incorrect diagnosis and choice of treatment. Relying onapplied kinesiology alone could be dangerous for patients with serious diseases such as cancer.

Is there a governing body that oversees or credentials practitioners of applied kinesiology?
The International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) seeks to promote the advancement of AK. Founded in 1973, it now has chapters in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, Russia and Australasia. The organization awards certification to practice AK. Applicants must have more than 300 hours of instruction, pass several proficiency examinations and submit original research papers to achieve ICAK’s highest level of certification However, ICAK is not recognized by The Council on Chiropractic Education, the agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education for accreditation of programs that offer a doctor of chiropractic degree.

How does one get in touch with a practitioner of applied kinesiology?
The ICAK website has a search function that allows prospective patients to find affiliated AK practitioners in their areas.

Are there other therapies that might work well in conjunction with applied kinesiology?
Since AK practitioners are also chiropractors, naturopaths, physicians, dentists, nutritionists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and nurse practitioners, these health professionals may provide treatment that complements or augments AK.

What is Dr. Weil’s view of applied kinesiology?
Dr. Weil believes that not even the best of applied kinesiology tests and diagnostic procedures has stood up to studies comparing them with standard medical techniques, and is unaware of any sound scientific evidence to support the claims made by AK practitioners. In fact, one study showed that diagnosis of nutritional deficiencies by three AK practitioners proved no more accurate than random guessing.

Dr. Weil notes that physiologically, there’s no reason to believe that an external evaluation of a muscle’s strength can diagnose nutritional problems inside the body, or that consuming a certain nutrient could immediately correct a severely weak muscle. He maintains that AK falls far short on reliability for diagnosis and treatment of any health condition, and advises both skepticism and caution when it comes to this form of care.

Sore Muscles from Exercise

Exercise is an important part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It improves your heart and lungs, and builds strong bones and muscles. However, exercise can cause sore muscles. This is common if you try a new exercise or increase your intensity. You may use new muscles, strain your muscles, or get small tears in your muscle fibers.

Path to well being
Your muscles may get sore right away. This is known as acute soreness. You may feel them ache or tighten up about 12 hours after you exercise. In some cases, the discomfort may peak 48 to 72 hours afterward. This is called delayed-onset muscle soreness. During this time, your muscles repair and strengthen themselves. Sore muscle pain can improve quickly or last several days.

To help relieve muscle soreness, try:

gentle stretching
muscle massage
ice to help reduce inflammation
heat to help increase blood flow to your muscles
over-the-counter pain medicine, such as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like ibuprofen.
Unfortunately, you can’t avoid sore muscles. It is part of getting stronger and healthier. There are some things you can do to help lessen the amount of soreness.

Warm up. Studies show that warming up your muscles before exercise may be better than stretching them. It wakes up your muscles by increasing blood flow to them. To warm up, do light versions of certain exercises. These include slow jogging or biking, jumping rope, or lifting light weights.
Drink water. Water helps control your body temperature, loosen your joints, and transport nutrients to create energy. Without water, your body will struggle to perform at its highest level. You may have muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness, or more serious symptoms.
Rest. Wait about 48 hours before working the same muscle groups. For example, running uses the muscles in your lower body. Give those muscles 2 days to rest and heal before you exercise them again. If you don’t rest, you can cause muscle fatigue or damage, rather than muscle growth and strength.
Use proper technique. Doing exercises the right way helps protect you from muscle strain or injury. If you belong to a gym or health club, ask a trainer or instructor for help. They can show you the proper way to lift weights and use the machines and equipment.
Cool down. It’s important to stretch after you work out. Your muscles are relaxed and more flexible when they are warm. Stretching also circulates blood away from your muscles and back to your heart to aid in recovery.
Stay within your limits. You may be tempted to push yourself, but remember to progress slowly with exercise. Over time, you can increase the amount of weight you lift or the length of time you run. If you try to increase too soon, you may injure yourself.
Things to consider
Sore muscles are normal. They grow back strong and are able to work at a higher level of intensity. However, be careful that you don’t injure your muscles.

If you think you have a strain or a sprain, try the RICE approach.

Rest: You may need to rest the injury all or part of the way. It will depend on how bad it is.
Ice: Use ice packs, ice slush baths, or ice massages. These can decrease your swelling, pain, bruising, and muscle spasms. You can use ice for up to 3 days after the injury.
Compression: You can wrap your injury to reduce swelling and bruising. Keep it wrapped for 1 or 2 days to a week after the injury.
Elevation: Raise your injury at or above your heart. This helps prevent swelling and reduces bruising. Keep it elevated for 2 to 3 hours a day, if possible.
When to see your doctor
Contact your doctor or seek care if:

Your muscle soreness lasts for more than a week.
Your pain is unbearable and prevents you from moving.
Your pain gets worse with exercise.
Your pain causes dizziness or trouble breathing.
You notice redness, swelling, or warmth in the sore muscles.
The RICE treatment doesn’t work.
Questions to ask your doctor
How does a sore muscle feel different from an injury?
If I use a muscle while it is sore, am I at risk for injuring it?

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Down To Earth Customizable Bed Outline Audits

hour. Review of the engines on the Pragmatic. My Pragmatic Bed Recommendation If you're searching for a straightforward flexible bed, this is an astounding decision. The flexible bed as of now has 36 surveys on Amazon with a normal rating of 4.7 out of 5 Here's a photo of the casing after it has been amassed. 

The following is another photo with an adjustable foam sleeping cushion on the Pragmatic bed. Numerous inward spring sleeping cushions presently chip away at customizable beds also in light of the fact that they have stash loops. A decent general guideline is that if your bedding ships in a case it will take a shot at a flexible base. End If you needn't bother with back rub or lighting under the bed, this bed will spare you heaps of cash. 

A great many people utilize these customizable beds as a result of back issues or heartburn where they should be raised fairly amid the night. This is a no ornamentation flexible base that requires a litte more gathering than a conventional movable bed however is genuinely straight forward and can be assembled from beginning to end in around 60 minutes. 

Outline of the Pragmatic Adjustable Bed Frame gives easy alteration of head and 30° at foot Findings This customizable bed takes a little beat up yet it is very much bundled and I didn't discover any scratches or gouges on the bed itself. Here's a photo of the engines on the Pragmatic. My Pragmatic Bed Recommendation If you're searching for a nitty gritty movable bed, this is a great decision. 

The movable bed right now has 36 surveys on Amazon with a normal rating of 4.7 out of 5 Here's a photo of the edge after it has been gathered. The following is another photo with an adaptable foam sleeping pad on the Pragmatic bed. Numerous internal spring sleeping cushions currently chip away at customizable beds also in light of the fact that they have take loops. 

A decent general guideline is that if your sleeping pad transports in a container it will take a shot at a flexible base. End If you needn't bother with back rub or lighting under the bed, this bed will spare you heaps of cash. A great many people utilize these movable beds as a result of back issues or heartburn where they should be hoisted to some degree amid the night. 

This is an extraordinary answer for that issue without spending a great deal of cash. Take in more about the Pragmatic Adjustable Bed About Author: Sleep Sherpa floors Recessed wire bolsters ensure your

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Did You Know Guava Leaves Are Very Good for Facial Beauty?

Talk about beauty, of course every woman will be enthusiastic in discussing it. Because, for every woman, beauty is an important thing that must be maintained to support appearance. They assume that the more beautiful, the more prestige they have.
There are a lot of ways to treat your face to stay beautiful, from natural to using technology. There are also free ways, even some are exorbitant. This is relative, depending on the needs and needs of each.
However, instead of having to spend a lot of money just for maintenance, it would be nice to save that money because beauty doesn't have to be expensive. There are many natural ways that are fairly effective for maintaining beauty, one of which is using guava leaves.
It may sound strange, but you should know some facts about the following guava leaves. 

1. Get rid of blackheads
Blackheads are indeed a problem in the face that is quite annoying. Many do a series of ways, but still blackheads cannot be lost. Well, from now on there is no need to be confused anymore, because blackheads can be eradicated only with guava leaves. The trick, puree the guava leaves first, then apply to the face evenly. Let stand for a while and rinse with clean water. 

2. Eradicating Acne
Besides blackheads, there is one more annoying facial problem, which is stubborn acne. How not, acne can not only damage appearance, but also provide discomfort, such as pain and a sensation of heat. Well, to eradicate it, you can use guava leaves as a mask because these natural ingredients can reduce oil production on the face. 

3. Eliminate Black Spots
Do you have black spots on the face? If it is true, of course it is very disturbing appearance isn't it? Well, don't worry, because guava leaves can handle them effectively. This has been proven and used quite a lot by beauty therapy centers. 

4. Prevent Premature Aging
One way to prevent premature aging is to keep your skin moist. And that you can get from guava skin masks. It's easy, you just need to apply guava leaves that have been mashed. The use is enough 3 times a week, but must be routine, then you will feel the benefits.

Natural Remedies for Overcoming Skin Diseases

Hasil gambar untuk Obat Alami Penyakit Kulit

Various types of skin diseases such as phlegm, ringworm, and ringworm are something that is familiar to the people of Indonesia. In addition to medical methods, Indonesian people often rely on drugs for skin diseases from natural ingredients.

The following are natural skin diseases that can be used, including: 

1. Scabies and itching
This natural skin disease remedy is only for external treatment. How, take the leaves, skin, stems or roots of salam to taste. Wash thoroughly, then grind finely until it becomes a porridge-like mixture. Apply it to an itchy place, then wrap it with gauze.
Whereas if this skin disease is accompanied by a wound, the ingredients that must be mixed are biduri leaves and coconut oil to taste. Apply biduri leaves with coconut oil, then blend in the ignition.
Then the leaves are attached to the injured or itchy skin. Before being treated, the wounded skin is washed first with warm water or 70% alcohol. 

2. Ulcers, wounds, and warts
Rub with fruit juice of guava or cashew ( Anarcadium occidentale L ) for several days until the wound dries. As for the treatment of warts, pick 5 leaf gods, mash the leaves until smooth. Loosen the leaves that have been smooth in a warty place, make it until they are glue, leave it one day and release it the next day. 

3. Boils and eczema
The next natural skin remedy is to use a lotus crown that is anchored. The burning ash is believed to be effective for curing boils, eczema and other skin diseases. While lotus powder and stamens when mixed with honey and cheese will be a cure for hemorrhoids. 

4. Scabies in children
Children affected by scabies are advised to bathe with brotowali water. How to make the boiled water: take a brotowali stem about 1 m, then cut into small pieces, boil with 4 liters of water until boiling, add boiled water to a bucket and add cold water. Bathe the child while soaking his body. 

5. Eczema
Other natural remedies for skin diseases are using ginger. Grated ginger rhizome, then squeezed it. Then mix with grated radish. Apply the mixture to the affected part of the skin. 

6. Panu and scab
How to treat other natural skin diseases is using galangal. How to make it: finely mashed galangal rhizome with garlic (ratio 1: 4, 1 rhizome 4 garlic) until smooth. Then apply it in a sore place. For those of you who have chronic ringworm, add the mixture with vinegar. 

7. Ringworm
Garlic is a natural skin disease remedy that you can easily get. Garlic can even overcome skin problems around ringworm that is often affected by color changes. The first step that can be done is to peel garlic.
After that, rub it on the ringworm directly. Initially it will feel sore, but this effect need not worry. You can also place garlic slices on the ringworm for several hours.
Besides garlic, olive oil is also very good for treating ringworm. Olive oil contains ingredients that are very good for fighting infections and fungi that can grow. Even olive oil can also improve body health. 

8. Skin infections
Aloe Vera Gel is a medicine for natural skin diseases that is effective in fighting fungi and skin infections . In addition, aloe vera gel can also help cure ringworm and refine ringworm. This natural skin medicine is very good for curing ringworm in all parts. You can try to apply aloe vera gel directly without cotton.

Causes and Ways to Whiten Yellow Eyes

Hasil gambar untuk Penyebab dan Cara Memutihkan Mata Kuning

Eyes are one of the most important parts of the body. With your eyes, you can see the beauty of the world. But the eye is also one of the most sensitive human senses because it cannot be touched or possessed even though the object is very small and smooth. Therefore we must keep our eyes healthy and clean.
Because the eyes have very sensitive properties, making us very difficult to maintain eye health. There are so many causes of yellow eyes, which makes our eye health less, especially in the modern era, this is sure to be a big problem for the health of our eyes. Well, the following will explain what causes yellow eyes.

Causes of Yellow Eyes

The following are the causes of yellowing eyes that you need to pay attention to, Healthy Friends!

1. Eyes exposed to dust

Eyes exposed to dust are normal when we are outside the house but we certainly will not be able to hold back if the eyes get dust and immediately rub them. This is why the yellow eyes when we rub the eyes, because the dust that is rough will be vulnerable to damage and scratch our eyes.

2. Eyes exposed to smoke

Smoke is fine but smoke can cause pain in the eyes. When the eyes are exposed to smoke, the hands will usually rub our eyes in a replica manner.

3. Watch TV

When we watch tv our eyes must be focused on the movies we watch, this will cause the muscles in our eyes to tense and the nerves of the eyes become stiff which will make our eyes get tired quickly and for a long time our eyes will turn yellow by itself.

4. Too often in front of a computer screen

This is the most common problem factor, many do not know that computers or laptops have radiation that is very dangerous to our eyes, this is the answer to the yellow eye why. Not only does it make your eyes turn yellow, too often in front of a computer monitor can cause your eyes to become blurry and runny.

5. Vitamin A deficiency

Even though our eyes are rarely exposed to dust, smoke, watching TV and are in front of a computer screen, eyes can turn yellow because we lack vitamin A. It often makes our eyes turn yellow and without realizing that this spele can make our eyes become more disturbed even to cause blurred eyes.
To avoid this we can prevent it immediately even though our eyes are now yellow, in the sense that our eyes can still be white again.

How to Whiten Eyes

To deal with yellowing-looking eyes, here's how to naturally whiten yellow eyes that you can practice everyday:

1. How to whiten the eyes with betel leaves

The benefits of betel leaves are numerous, and it turns out that betel leaves can return the eyes to a clear white to yellow again.
How: Take a few betel leaves and then cleaned and boiled until boiling. After boiling, drain the betel leaf water into a container and let stand until the water cools. After cold, drop the betel leaf water into your eyes. For maximum results dip your eyes into betel water while winking.

2. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables

Orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, lemons and oranges, contain vitamins and antioxidants that will help remove yellow eyes.
Natural yellow eye medication by consuming green and leafy foods such as spinach and kale also has good properties for your eye health. Nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and nuts also contain minerals that improve eye health.
These fruits and vegetables will also help detox your heart. A healthy liver will help keep the eyes white and bright. If your heart is full of toxins, it might not be able to process food and vitamins. Detoxify your liver by drinking a glass of beet juice on an empty stomach, or eating carrots and spinach.

3. Drink lots of water

Bright white eyes rely on enough hydration, and keeping your body hydrated will help replenish your body fluids, thereby reducing swelling and redness in your eyes. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day, or about 64 ounces.

4. Reduce the intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates

Reducing the amount of food containing refined carbohydrates and sugar, and wheat, can help your body process food better and detoxify your heart. Reduce the amount of unhealthy food you eat, especially at night, which can interfere with good sleep patterns.

5. Sleep 7-8 hours every day

Getting enough sleep every night will ensure that your body is resting and the impact of your eyes resting and returning to natural white. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. If you have trouble sleeping, try soothing music or 10 minutes of meditation before going to bed to make sure that your body knows that it's time to sleep

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Do Not Underestimate Fat Functions

 Hasil gambar untuk Jangan Remehkan Fungsi Lemak

Fat in the body is often considered to interfere with appearance or health. Though the function of fat for the body is very much. The presence of fat in the body will only interfere with appearance and endanger health if the amount is excessive.

Fat is one of the nutrients needed by the body, such as proteins and carbohydrates. The body needs fat that cannot be produced by itself, for example omega-3 fatty acids . The presence of fat in your food portion is important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Various Functions of Fat for the Human Body
As mentioned above, the body needs fat in carrying out daily activities. There are several functions of fat that are good for the human body, including:
  • Help the body absorb vitamins A, D and E
    Some types of vitamins are a type of fat-soluble vitamin. So, to be absorbed by the body, this vitamin requires fat help.
  • Energy source for the body
    Fat can also be useful as a source of energy for the body in carrying out daily activities. However, that does not mean you can consume fat excessively to increase energy.
  • Helps to nourish skin and hair
    In addition to helping the absorption process of a number of vitamins and energy sources for the body, fat also helps maintain healthy skin and hair.
  • Keep the body warm
    Fat has a function as an insulator for the body. The presence of fat can make the body warm, just like when you wear thick clothes.
  • Protecting organs
    Fat also serves to protect body organs from damage. In addition, fat helps to build cells and produce hormones , so the body can function properly.

Variety of Types and Sources of Fat

To get maximum fat function, it's good for you to understand the various types of fats contained in food, including:
  • Monounsaturated fats
    This unsaturated fat can help maintain heart health, by lowering LDL or bad cholesterol and maintaining good HDL or cholesterol levels in the body. This fat can be found in avocados, olive oil, hazelnuts, almonds and nuts.
  • Polyunsaturated fats
    Polyunsaturated fats can help reduce LDL levels in the body. Omega-6 and omega-3 are included in polyunsaturated fats. This fat is widely found in salmon, tuna, walnuts, and flaxseed.
  • Trans fats
    Trans fat is included in the type of fat that is not healthy because it can increase LDL levels in the body, so it can cause stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart problems if consumed in excess. This type of fat is found in many processed products such as French fries, biscuits, donuts, pizza, or popcorn.
  • Saturated fat
    Saturated fats are actually better avoided because they can increase bad cholesterol in the body. Saturated fats will look different in form from unsaturated fats because they usually turn into solid or freeze at ordinary room temperature. This fat can be found in butter, eggs, red meat, milk, cheese, or chicken skin.
Although often an enemy for those who want to lose weight and maintain a healthy body, it does not mean the body does not need fat at all. The function of certain fats is very important in maintaining the balance of nutrition and body health. Most importantly, the fat must be consumed proportionally and not excessive.

How to Take Care of Good and Right Teeth

 Hasil gambar untuk Cara Merawat Gigi yang Baik dan Benar

Get used to maintaining dental hygiene by regularly rubbing it every day. But know that regularly brushing your teeth is not necessarily effective as a way of caring for your teeth if the technique is not right.
Have you brushed your teeth twice a day, but the problem of teeth and gums is still common? Maybe the way you brush your teeth isn't right. The following are some points that can be a guide.

1. Make part of the routine 
Make brushing your teeth as part of a mandatory routine, after eating or at least morning and night before going to bed.  

2. Not too often  
Brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day as a way to care for your teeth is the ideal amount. But brushing your teeth more than 3 times a day can damage tooth enamel and harm gums. 
3. Not too strong  
Besides being too frequent, brushing your teeth too tight also risks damaging your teeth and gums. In order to better control the movement of the brush, hold the handle of the brush like you hold a pencil, not by clenching your hands.  

4. No hurry  
For more careful brushing, give at least 30 seconds to brush each side of the row of teeth: right side, left side, and front.  

5. Good technique  
Hold your brush at a 45 degree angle from the gum and move the brush from right to left repeatedly along the teeth. Brush the outer and inner tooth surfaces, and the back molars.  

6. Also brush the tongue and the inside of the cheeks  
In addition to the surface of the teeth, bacteria are also found on the tongue and the inside of the right side of the cheek. Also brush this part gently on a regular basis to reduce bad breath . Some brands provide special tools to clean the tongue.  

7. Gargle  
Gargle with clean water every time you finish rubbing each part. Ending it with an antiseptic mouthwash will further support oral hygiene and freshness of breath. 

Choosing and using the right toothpaste and toothbrush is also the key to healthy teeth and gums. Unhealthy teeth and gums can be a contributing factor to the development of other health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.